SokFok Studio provides media and communication services to sustainable businesses and institutions.

Our goal is to use video and communication tools to inform as well as inspire clients/customers with new solutions and initiatives.

We work with clients that have a high sustainable profile and would like to translate their core values into meaningful audiovisual outcomes.


Chapman states that ‘a new wave of designers with potent environmental agendas is in emergence –designers who realize the potential they possess to slow down environmental decay through elegant, efficient and responsible solutions’. It would appear that we are in a position now where we can make a change effectively. It is time to analyse our lives critically; is this the society that we were aiming to live in?
Are we happy living as a part of this system?
The crisis of the system has led us to rethink about our nearby community and environment and to look for solutions to design the right structure for the future society.

Looking for those solutions and designing a way to communicate them is our aim.